Happy Hump Day and above all, Happy Administrative Professionals Day to all the lovely people that pretty much hold their offices together. 

We have a great Loudwire Nights show for you guys tonight with the sexy hosts Full Metal Jackie and Tony LaBrie. Tonight, Hellyeah and former Pantera and Damageplan, drummer Vinnie Paul will chat with Jackie and Tony.

Last Friday, Hellyeah rocked at the Socorro Entertainment Center. A few lucky Q listeners got to hang out with the guys, take some pictures and have a great dinner at Cacique RestaurantCheck out pics from that night at KLAQ.com. There aren't any of me trying to hump Chad's leg though, I somehow managed to restrain myself.  It was a great show and the new songs are rockin', especially Moth and Hush. (Both are in my workout playlist) Hush in particular since they're using it's video to benefit the Indiegogo Campaign for #HushNOMORE, helping with awareness, and prevention of, domestic violence.

Later on tonight, Breaking Benjamin will be on the show along with Mastodon both chatting about their new albums and more. Then, at ten, we raise things up a notch with our nightly mission ~ Mission Metallica.

The Temperance Movement will also be talking with Loudwire Nights hosts Tony and Jackie. They recently posted a video on their Facebook page where guitarist Nick Fyffe hosts an episode of Bus Invaders. Check it out!

Mr Fyffe hosts Bus Invaders ep. 775 and gives you a detailed tour of the van, courtesy of Digital Tour Bus from Chicago a few weeks back. http://bit.ly/1DbdOZC

Posted by The Temperance Movement on Tuesday, April 21, 2015