We all know and love Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins, the brave and (initially) happy Hobbit from the Lord of the Rings movies. But what most people don't know, is that Frodo...I mean, Elijah, is a huge horror movie nut! He's even formed a production company to make a bunch of them. In "Maniac", you get to watch a maniac stalk and kill his victims through the killer's eyes. Kind of disturbing, really.

Check out Frodo...I mean, Elijah, in these TOTALLY NSFW clips and trailers playing a psychopath who loves to scalp women. Seems like the logical next part to play after the One Ring messed with his head for so long. Makes Gollum look like a choirboy.

Jeez...Frodo, calm down.

Watch Frodo kill and scalp a hottie in the parking lot.

Watch Frodo attempt giving comfort in another hottie's time of need.

Behind the scenes fun...I love these things!