Next month you can make a trip to Sunland Park Mall for some thrilling times instead of the usual shopping! Frazier shows is not like the Fraiser on television. Since El Paso doesn't have Six Flags or Knotts Berry Farm, we are gonna have something similar to those at the carnival. So that means it's time to get ready for tons of food, sweets, and drinks.

I'm hoping they will have a rollercoaster with loop de loops and stomach-turning dips. After all, those are the kind of rides that are AMAZING with the daredevil crowd! The armband you purchase will give you all unlimited access to the rides at the carnival. The El Paso Fall Carnival will kick-off Thursday, October 3. At the Spring event there were 25 rides but this Fall they will only be bringing 15 rides. Sunland Park Mall will be ringing in the Fall season with some fun for the entire family.

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