It feels like it was so long ago when really it was just four years ago that Buzz Adams broke his mouth! That's right, if you don't remember, Buzz SHATTERED his teeth after crashing his motorized bicycle with a rock wall. I won't share the pictures here, but you can totally check out the pictures by clicking here. Word of warning, though, they are graphic!

That motorized bike accident began what we know as "The August Curse". Mainly because the following year, Buzz got into yet another accident when he popped some dog tranquilizers and ended up badly spraining his... ankle? I actually can't remember what he broke/sprained I just know he ended up having to use some sort of scooter thing.

Let's flash back to four years ago. On the night of August 16th, I received a text from Lisa that said Buzz had been in an accident and was headed for the hospital! The next day, Brandon, Lisa and I were inundated with messages as news was starting to get around. It was then that our bosses released an official statement that read:

Wednesday evening (Aug. 16), Buzz Adams, host of the popular Buzz Adams Morning Show, was involved in an accident on a motorized bicycle. Buzz suffered serious, but not life-threatening, facial injuries. The necessary repair and recovery period will keep Buzz off the air indefinitely. In the meantime, the Buzz Adams Morning Show will feature some golden moments from recent shows. The remaining show cast, Lisa Sanchez, Brandon Coates, Joanna Barba, along with the various cast of characters who regularly appear on the show, will supply the audience with the latest, news, Rock News, Hollywood Buzz, and the usual shenanigans. We wish Buzz a speedy recovery and you can expect regular updates while the world awaits his return sometime in the not too distant future.

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Well, that began a media frenzy! All the news stations were covering it, and mainly focused on the part that said "Buzz off the air indefinitely". The local news outlets had a field day with the announcement.


Buzz eventually came back but had a major lisp, and lost two sets of temporary teeth. Eventually he healed up. Then came August 2018.

Buzz once again injured himself. This time it was his foot and on this day in 2018, he had surgery. August certainly hasn't been a friendly month for Buzz, but  nothing serious has happened since 2018. However, there is still an office pool to see what will happen in August- let us know if you want in on that. Of course we don't want the August curse to make its return, but with Buzz you never know!

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