If you haven't already heard, Buzz has a foot injury. He'll be out today (8/17) for surgery. This comes just one year after Buzz's bicycle injury, we all remember that one, you can check out the pictures here.  August is certainly becoming a dangerous month for one Buzz Adams, it's almost like we need to put Buzz in a bubble during the month of August! Also, we are all taking bets on what Buzz will break next year, let us know if you want in on the pool.

Anyway. Because we know that our listeners would want an update, we got Buzz yesterday before he left home to talk to us a little bit about his injury. We already had our "medical expert" Nico take a look at Buzz's foot, you can see that video here. But in this video, we'll hear straight from the man himself and you'll also get an in depth look at his injury.

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