Homecoming Mums are a Southern tradition and El Pasoans love to create and proudly display their mums with pride. Facebook memories can be both a blessing and a curse, they can remind you of a sweet memory of a loved one that has passed, or an evil ex that left a bitter taste in your mouth. For me, I mostly get upset over seeing sunglasses I've lost over the years.

But one memory that came up this week was from four years ago, when Joanna and Nico taught me about the magical Southern tradition of the Homecoming mum. Growing up in Southern California, we never had mums and I didn't even understand what the tradition is for. Kind of still don't actually, but at least I know what they look like now.

The tradition of the Homecoming mum started in Texas back in the 1950s and 1960s according to Country Living. Now what's seen as an over-the-top adornment to a homecoming dress started out as a sweet, simple tradition. A small token, like a corsage, given to a girl by her date for homecoming week.

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From there, the Homecoming mum became more and more elaborate as the decades passed and in the 1980s and 1990s really started to grow in size. Mums now have everything from flowers, ribbons, lights, stuffed animals, noisemakers, and so much more. High school girls like their mums to be bigger, flashier, and more extravagant than everyone else's which means every year they continue to grow.

I've never had a Homecoming mum, obviously since I didn't grow up in this area but now I wonder what would mine look like? Did we even have any traditions like this in Southern California? Sadly no, but it's good to see Texans taken their traditions seriously and continuing them with honor.

Check out EPISD's video showcasing some of the Homecoming mums they've seen at their schools during Homecoming week.

@elpasoisdMum game is strong at EPISD! 🎉 #IamEPISD #fyp #foryourpage #elpaso #homecoming #episd♬ original sound - ElPasoISD

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