If you're a fan of bands like Tool and Black Sabbath, you'll love these guys.

Forming The Void will perform at the Rockin' Cigar Bar, located at 6404 N. Mesa, Friday, November 1st and ... best of all ... it's FREE. They're a very "trippy" band to say the least, here's how their Facebook bio describes them:

Imagine you are a celestial traveler powering through the blinding lights at the end of the tunnel into the next world, crossing barriers of space and time without fear. Interdimensional shamanic sludge rockers Forming the Void are here to conjure an ecstatic trip of atmospheric wonder and immerse you in waves of psychedelia.

Their otherworldly sound has earned them spots on large festivals such as Psycho Las Vegas, Denver's Electric Funeral Fest, EndHipEndIt, Stoner Daze and Stoner Jam at SXSW, and Descendants of Crom. Transcend through space and time with Forming the Void as they traverse the cosmic murk.

For more about the band, visit their website.

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