Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese-born adult film actress and she also gratuated from UTEP as a history major. Check out the tattoo that makes her so controversial and the body that makes her popular!

It's official an former El Pasoan Mia Khalifa is Pornhubs most popular pornstar and the most controversial.

The reason she is the most controversial is because of a tattoo. She has a tattoo on her of the opening lines of Lebanese national anthem. An ABC News Correspondent Alexander Marquardt tweeted about her.

In an interview with newsweek with she says that her family doesn't talk to her. She responded to all the news about her on twitter.

On twitter she recieves a lot of death threats that comes from Lebanese men.

I'm not to much into politics and rules but one thing I do know is that she is smoking hot. If she is cool with it then I'm cool with it. Being a gay man I just don't understand how can they be mad at a beautiful smart girl.

I just love girls that match their outfits.


I really enjoy that she likes to stufy topless. I need a tutor like her!