Remember that movie "Party Monster" we saw Macaulay Culkin in all grown up? 

The movie Party Monster was based on the events leading to the death of Andre 'Angel' Melendez in 1996. Michael Alig, a popular 90s Manhattan party promoter along with friend Robert Riggs pleaded guilty in 1997 to manslaughter in the State Supreme Court.

Riggs stated that he knocked Melendez unconscious with a hammer and gave Alig plenty of drugs to chop up his body and then toss it into the Hudson River. They were fighting over a drug debt.

After being denied parole twice, 2006 and 2008, Alig was released from prison on Monday May 5th. He will remain on parole until November 2016. As for Riggs, he was released back in 2010.

Following his release, he tweeted a picture with the caption, "Happy to be free and so grateful for this second chance."

You can check out The Full Shockumentary here. (Careful may be NSFW.) You can also read more from him here.