The Free The Nipple campaign involves a woman's right to go topless in public. I'm good with that, but so far, things aren't going well. Outside of strip clubs and a few nude beaches, the ladies still can't let the girls out.

Which makes me wonder WTF this group expects? If we've yet to free the nips, I don't see the right to go bottomless coming anytime soon! Nonetheless, students at Scripps College in California, (where else?), want more love for the lady bits.

Project Vulva wonders:

Why is it that, generally, society is so comfortable with the image of the penis and vulvas are considered taboo? In middle school people would scribble penis pictures on the desks in the classroom. There is always that kid who passes out at the party and someone draws a [penis] on his face. So where the vulvas at??? What even IS a vulva (often confused with the vagina)? What problems can lack of knowledge lead to?

They even held a cupcake decorating contest, check out the picture. Warning! The pic, and that video, could be considered NSFW.

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