As much as we all love them, there is a downside to large lady lumps!

Jordan Carver is a ... shall we say, totally freakin' stacked ... German model with a beautiful face and monstrous mammaries.  Believe it or not though, there is a downside to having "big 'uns".  Watch Jordan, who comes in at a whopping 32HH, demonstrate what she and her "big 'uns" can and can't do!

First, the .. no pun intended .. "can's".  (It's hard to pick a favorite here although, #10 is pretty impressive!)

10 really cool things that Jordan CAN do with her boobs!  (No language, no nudity, but you still better make sure the boss and/or the kids aren't around!)

It ain't easy being buxom though.

Here now are 10 things that Jordan CANNOT do with her Chi-Chis Gigantous. (Number 10 is my favorite!)

Careful, this one is NSFW.  At the least, your boss may be a bit of a prude.

At the worst, Jordan drops an "F-Bomb!