Ever wonder what it's like inside your favorite rockers crib??

I've seen a few on shows like MTV Cribs and even been in a few for real!  Rockers however, are normally pretty protective of their privacy.  So, how do you get to see inside their homes?? 

You find the ones that are for sale!! 

Real Estate agents are ALLLLLL about the "virtual open house" these days.  (Apparently, the sluggish real estate market is hitting our rocking bros just like us.  Most of these are REDUCED!!)  Just click on the links to see more pics ... C'mon, follow me!

I'm not sure how close the homes in this group are to each other .. if at all .. but; it would be a pretty sweet neighborhood with Jerry Garcia, Sammy Hagar and Paul McCartney as neighbors huh??  (I know Garcia has passed away, but he believed in life after death. Or was it reincarnation?  Either way, if his spirit is still around you get a built in roomie with his place. A singing, toking, love your brother kind of ghost!  realestate.msn.com

Perry Farrell is looking to move also!  Not many pictures in this one, but you can read about how cool it is in this article from realestate.aol.com.

One of my all time favorite bands is Social Distortion. Here's one of Mike Ness' casas.  He not only likes vintage cars, bikes and clothing; but vintage homes to!! This place was built in the 20's! ocregister.com

Attention Korn fans ... Munkys' place is up for grabs!  ocregister.com 

Let me know if YOU buy one of these though, ok?? If you do, I'm sooooo going to contact the realtor and get a "bird-dog" fee.  (I brought you to them right??)

Better yet; maybe if we all went in together we could get one!?!?  Well, part of one anyway ... the driveway perhaps.  Maybe a tree.