There are so many mixed emotions from people about the latest dispute at AT&T Stadium. Seems like someone caught some heart-stopping footage of a close call with death kind of fight. Barstool Sports had shared some of the footage from that fight and some people aren't happy about that. But if you choose to watch the video, then be prepared to see your worst nightmare happen at a football stadium. When I saw this clip I gasped for air placing my hands over my face. It is watching videos like this that teach you a lesson to avoid something deadly from happening. If it hasn't happened already. Hopefully not and hopefully never. But seeing these two dudes get out of hand will hopefully be your perfect lesson to just ignore and avoid a hater. Not sure how it started but you see a Cardinal's fan coming at a Cowboys fan. If the Cardinal's fan just would have stayed in his seat, he wouldn't have had a close call with death.

Now I am not taking sides because, in my opinion, both parties made the incorrect move on their part. The Cardinal's fan wouldn't have been pushed if he would have remained in his seat. But the Dallas Cowboys fan could have handled the situation with the Cardinals fan in a respectful manner. Besides, if that dude flew anymore, the Cowboys fan could have been looking at murder charges according to Joe Rampone. Not sure how he would know something like that but imagine if he were right? Barstool Sports shared the footage from that dispute at the Cowboys-Cardinals game.

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