Foo Fighters fans have been put on red alert, if you’re not voraciously following the band on Twitter, you might just want to start. You never know when a free, impromptu rock show might just explode into your city.

The band recently announced that they have a new album in the works with a target release date of this fall. They also revealed that they will be working on each track in a different city and that the album's creation is being documented for an upcoming HBO series.

While recording in the historic Preservation Hall, Foo Fighters took to the streets of New Orleans on Saturday, May 17, to celebrate their time in the city. What started off with a simple tweet from the band, asking, “So...NOLA, what're you guys up to tonight?" turned into a full-fledged party. Fans filed into the area shutting down all of St. Peters Street and the Foo Fighters responded accordingly with a 90-minute set of some of their best-known songs along with special guest appearances from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Trombone Shorty throughout the night.

From ‘Times Like These’ to ‘Learn to Fly’ and ‘These Days,’ the Foos raged inside Preservation Hall as fans rocked along from the streets, as close as they could get to the rock icons. According to, frontman Dave Grohl took plenty of time to stop and admire his surroundings, sharing with the crowd, “This time, I feel like we really have gotten it right. We stayed here long enough so we learned a little bit about the city. We made a lot of friends."

Grohl also talked about the impact the week in the great city had on his band, saying, “We've been to a lot of great places, we've jammed with a lot of great people this week in this city has changed our band forever."

It appears that footage of the concert will be made available to fans outside of New Orleans in the near future on the aforementioned HBO documentary series but until then check out fan-filmed video above, and a photo from the show below, posted by Foo Fighters on their Instagram account:

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