Straight out of a gangster video or an ISIS execution propaganda? Looks like this Florida Sheriff has caused quite the controversy over this new video.

The Lake County Sheriff's Office in Florida recently released a video on Facebook where they tell local heroin dealers: "We're coming for you...Enjoy trying to sleep tonight." Apparently this man may have watched Liam Neeson in Taken one too many times, or he genuinely feels this passionate about getting heroin off of his streets. When interviewed by a Orlando television station, Lake County Sheriff Sheriff Peyton Grinnell says many citizens in his jurisdiction have contacted the sheriff's department, concerned with the amount of heroin overdoses happening in the area. In the video, Sheriff Grinnell can be heard urging more citizens to continue calling in anonymously. He also said that he is hoping the video and his message will encourage more of a rapport between the public and the Lake County Sheriff's Department.

The video has now gone viral, with almost a million views and over 2,500 comments on Facebook. Some are praising the Sheriff for his stern approach towards this harrowing epidemic in the United States, while others are saying the video looks too much like an ISIS propaganda video. Check the video out above and see for yourself. Read more about this story at Click Orlando website.

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