For good, WTF-type stories, New Mexico and Florida never disappoint. It's Florida this time but it's not about meth, killer animals, zombies, or weird people. Just dumb city officials and cranky neighbors.

A video shows Pinellas County Environmental Specialist Joe Graham telling resident Scotty Jordan that he's creating too much barbecue smoke. Graham claims to have "photographic" and "olfactory" evidence of Jordan's smoke leaving his property, meaning it can be seen and smelled. I hate it when that happens at barbecues.

He tells Jordan that he can have BBQ "smells", his phrasing, on his property but not out on the street. Jordan's friend jumps in pointing out that they can't control the wind which, you have to admit, is a good point. He's had 15 complaint calls made about the BBQ smoke -- 14 from the same residence.

Ever get the feeling that government, at pretty much every level, is getting way too up in everyone's business? I sure do.