On June 25, 2016, I finally got to meet my woman crush everyday Maria Brink from In This Moment. Speaking Rock Entertainment Center held their usual free concert that was Sunflower Dead, HellYeah, and In This Moment. This free concert was beyond packed and that time was held inside the building. It isn't always a bad thing trying to find a spot to watch the concert from inside a packed house. When it is a packed house that means you have to hunt down a place to chill. When you're trying to find a spot you also bump into friends along the way. It was so packed inside that it felt humid inside the building. Once me and a few friends of mine settled in HellYeah was taking the stage.

I sang my dark little heart out then to HellYeah's songs especially "Moth" that night. Once HellYeah wrapped up, my friends and I decided to rush over to take a bathroom break. As I am walking back to the spot Tom Maxwell and I accidentally bumped into each other. He was so down to earth and even before taking our picture he said I had a cute kid. He was the first musician to give me a kiss on the cheek before we parted ways. But that was the most exciting part of my night.

When In This Moment hit the stage everyone just went crazy and sang their hearts out. You can view In This Moment singing "Adrenalize" above thanks to MagicD_Drummaguy's YouTube. Once In This Moment walked off the stage it was go time to finally meet my woman crush every day. I remember my heart was racing so fast and trying to think of what to say. When it was my turn to step inside In This Moment's tour bus I felt like I jumped straight into Halloween. Their tour bus was set up all spooky style that Halloween fanatics would love. But I won't ever forget that Maria Brink told me she loved me back when I said those 3 words to her. Maria Brink was the reason I went to bed with a smile on my face that night and the following nights.

In This Moment/HellYeah Concert

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