Brandon's father works for a company that was bought last year by Berkshire Hathaway. That means he is eligible for Warren Buffet's NCAA tournament pool. If any BH employees correctly pick every game in the first two rounds of the tournament, they get $1 million a year every year for life!

To help us fill out the bracket and hopefully get us some of that sweet Buffet cash, we enlisted the aid of a college basketball expert. It's my friend Matt's five-year-old son, Benny!

First, I've got the video of Benny making his picks for Dave Coates' tournament bracket. Also, Benny takes time to throw some shade at New Mexico State University and UTEP coach Tim Floyd.

Also, by request, I'm including Benny's actual bracket that he filled out. All the picks are his but, since he doesn't write yet, his dad wrote them down.


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