If you missed the Morning Show this morning then you missed when we discussed some great deals for the month of March. Because of the current circumstances many of us are on a budget so, many of us are always on the hunt for a good sale.

If you're in the market for a few new things here are six things you should definitely be purchasing in the month of March because they go on sale. Reader's Digest has a complete list of 14 things that go on sale, which you can check out here, but I think these six items are the best deals for this month.

1.  TVs: If you missed the post-Christmas deals, March is the next best month to purchase a new TV as manufacturers get ready to release new models.

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2.  Jewelry: After Valentine's day, jewelry stores usually have a lot left over so they tend to drop their prices- now would be a good time to get some beautiful jewelry.

3.  Winter sports gear: As the winter season wraps up, this is the best time to invest in a good coat and be prepared for the next winter. Other winter gear like skis and snowboards are heavily discounted.

4.  Frozen food: Because  March is National Frozen Foods Month (who knew?!) a lot of grocery stores offer deals- hello, Hot Pockets!

5.  Mattresses: If you missed those President's Day mattress sales, March is the best time to invest in a new one as new models make their way in- also, who knew mattresses get new models?

6.  Grills: With summer right around the corner, this is the last chance to get a deal before prices go up ahead of the summer season.


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