Five Finger Death Punch’s Zoltan Bathory crashed his custom ‘Knucklehead’ monster truck at Utah’s Rocky Mountain Raceway over the weekend. The guitarist is doing just fine, attributing the rollover to a broken four link bar.

Zoltan Bathory is one of the most interesting dudes around. Along with playing guitar in one of modern rock’s most successful bands, he’s an extremely high-level martial artist and is one of few civilians to be certified by the U.S. Army as a close-quarter combat instructor. He’s also flown fighter jets, helps veterans suffering from PTSD and races monster trucks for Team 2Xtreme.

Bathory was doing some freestyle monster trucking… you know… launching himself over flattened cars and whatnot. The guitarist was sturdy as can be until a sharp turn left Zoltan’s ‘Knucklehead’ truck on its side. For monster truck accidents, we’d say this one’s pretty minor and Zoltan laughed it off with some Twitter posts:

Five Finger Death Punch will team with Papa Roach, Sixx:A.M. and From Ashes to New for a run of Canadian shows this fall right before hitting the U.S. with Shinedown, Sixx: AM and As Lions.

Update: Zoltan Bathory has posted a video of Monster Truck experience, complete with Cockpit Cam from when he crashed his vehicle. Check out the clip below:

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