Five Finger Death Punch finished their new album December 31, but why have we not heard anything? Apparently the owner of the label Jeff Kwatinetz is the one responsible for not releasing their new album according to a couple members from Fiver Finger Death Punch.

The PRP goes more into depth about the whole situation going on with Five Finger Death Punch and owner of Prospect Park label. The owner of Prospect Park label is trying to sue Five Finger Death Punch and the guys have no clue as to why they're being sued. Jason Hook and Jeremy Spencer did mention they will play their new songs at concerts. They just need to rehearse and practice those new songs and it would be kind of a f**k you to their previous label owner. The good thing about FFDP is this legal battle isn't stopping them from making more music. Besides the legal battle they're currently experiencing they said the band is doing great.

If you're a Five Finger Death Punch fan, try to get in contact with Jeff Kwatinetz at Prospect Park Label and quit holding their new album hostage!

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