Five Finger Death Punch recently released a dubstep remix of their current single ‘Under and Over It’ (what is it with hard rock bands and dubstep these days?), and the feedback from the band’s hardcore fanbase has been less than enthusiastic.

To calm fears the new version is a sign of things to come from 5FDP, the band released a statement addressing the matter: “We are not turning into a dubstep or step dance act any time soon.” they wrote. “We heard a couple of remixes we thought were interesting and felt like sharing them with you guys.”

That said, guitarist Zoltan Bathory insists 5FDP aren’t afraid to experiment with their sound, no matter the results. “We are here to step forward and take as much development in anything we do as it is possible, and that’s the mentality and that’s gonna be in every aspect,” Bathory told the Pulse of Radio. “We’re gonna kind of push the envelope, maybe go overboard here and there, but, you know, that’s the idea.”

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