Oh how time has passed since most of us were in High School and we would jam out to our favorite songs / bands.

Being the only girl and the youngest, my choices of music were not always picked to be played in our cassette player. Considering my brother Fritz and I went to high school together, hung out all the time and were in our high school marching band (yup, we were band geeks … and to top it off, we went to Miami Senior High, which is the school where they made the movie Porky’s!), I got to hang out with some pretty cool people, who I’m still friends with till this day. Thanks to them and my brother, I got to experience and enjoy a lot of the music we still listen to today.

So I thought I’d share with you all, some of the songs my brother Fritz and I would listen to back in the day.

Let’s begin!!


Back then, my favorite album was Ten and I still remember jamming out to ‘Alive’ and ‘Evenflow’.



Now we can tune to the Q and listen to their new tunes Sirens, Mind Your Manners and of course their classics as well!


As most are not big fans of the band, I have to admit I do like some of their songs and of course, Dave Grohl came out of that whole ordeal!! My favorite tune? ‘Come As You Are’!



Just yesterday Dubba G and I watched the Sound City movie again. It had Grohl, Sir Paul and a bunch of awesome people in it, what more can you ask for?


‘Suck My Kiss’. There is something about that song that made me want to play it all the time.



Have you heard about RHCP drummer, Chad Smith and Will Ferrell’s drum battle? Check out Dubba G’s blog here to read about the whole thing.


I actually got to see them when they were in town last year at Tricky Falls and their performance was pretty sweet! The song: ‘Basket Case’.



Metallica, also known as The Black Album was one we listened to pretty often. My favorite song: ‘Through the Never’.



With that being said, what did you guys think of the movie Through The Never? Personally, it was very good BUT I still want to know what was in the bag!

Well, these are some of the bands I listened to back in my high school days, whether I was on my way to school, hanging out or having one of our 'small' house party gatherings.

Which were yours?


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