A first grade student was punished in what some believe to be an incredible harsh way. Southern Oregon elementary is under fire after the grandmother of the student, posted a photo of the school's punishment on Facebook.
Due to excessive tardiness, a male student was forced to eat his lunch behind a cardboard barrier. Many people are outraged about this type of punishment towards the kid, when they believe the parent is truly at fault.
The grandmother attempted to clarify why the student was tardy, by explaining the mother sometimes has car trouble. She also states on her Facebook post, that the student is usually only a few minutes late. After nearly 50,000 peoples shared the photos on Facebook, Lincoln Elementary released a statement about the incident:
"There has been considerable general and social media attention regarding the Lincoln Elementary School Attendance/Tardy Academic Catch-up Protocol, which is intended to help support students address learning gaps arising from chronic tardiness/absenteeism. Principal (Melissa) Fitzsimmons immediately reached out to the parents involved in order to meet, and we are looking forward to addressing their concerns regarding Lincoln's current practice in this area. Lincoln's current attendance support protocol was communicated to parents via newsletter and is intended to provide the students with an above average level of tardiness, supervised additional learning time in a non-distracting setting. It was never intended to isolate or stigmatize students.
This punishment does seem pretty harsh for young children. If they were acting up, or were in a fight, then I think this could be a decent punishment. If the parents actions are the major factor of tardiness, then the kid shouldn't have to suffer.