The devastation. FML

Posted by Serge Carrillo on Friday, April 10, 2015

E. P. Easy Storage, 923 Hawkins, suffered $30,000 in damages after a major fire last night that may have been started deliberately.

**UPDATE: Some people are having trouble viewing the above video. No idea why, other than computer weirdness but if you can't see it, visit the Chasing Solace facebook page to view it there.

The storage facility serves as a rehearsal space for many local El Paso bands, some of whom had their equipment damaged or destroyed by the fire.  Chasing Solace, in particular, lost everything.

All that is known at the moment is that a white truck was seen fleeing the storage facility immediately before the flames erupted.  If you have any information, please report it to the EPPD and/or the El Paso Fire Marshall's office right away. Let's catch the bastard(s) that did this before they can do it again.

A benefit is already being loosely planned to help our brothers try and replace the lost gear.  Keep listening to KLAQ and checking in here at for details.  As it comes together, I'll post all the info here. For now, Sound Stage 9 has offered to donate the use of their rehearsal rooms to the bands affected by this fire until they can find themselves new spaces.  For more info on that, contact Roger at (915) 201-8191.

Photos courtesy of Vladimir Avina, video by Serge Carillo.

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