The two filmmakers who made the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer are very good at their craft. Wouldn't it be interesting if they went back and re-edited the whole thing from the perspective that Steven Avery IS guilty? Because, I'm willing to bet they'd be able to make some viewers that are convinced of his innocence do a complete reversal just by how the source material is slanted.

Look, there aren't many cases where a person is clearly guilty beyond any shadow of a doubt. That's why the standard for conviction in America is guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt." If we, as a society, refused to impose punishment on anyone unless they were 100 percent, without a doubt, caught-on-video-from-multiple-angles guilty, we wouldn't have a society. There's a concept in law known as Blackstone's ratio which states, "Better that 10 guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer."  That sounds like a fair standard but how about a hundred guilty who go free? A thousand? Ideally, no innocent person would ever be punished but that's not the way things are.

I guess Steve Avery could be completely innocent in all this. That ... somehow ... a person or persons waited until a young woman had just left Avery's home, followed her and killed her and then brought her back to Avery's house just so they could burn her remains (within feet of Avery's trailer), ditch her vehicle on the other side of the property and make off without being seen by a single other person...just so they could frame Steven Avery it? Is that what people think happened?

On the other hand, I will say it looks very much like the nephew, Brendan Dassey, got a big serving of bullcrap pie. This poor kid would've admitted to murdering Nicole Brown Simpson if those two slick detectives had told him that he'd be home in time for supper if he did. I knew the kid was being manipulated because of his mental liabilities when he finished confessing to rape and murder and then wanted to know if he'd be back at school in time for sixth period. Just because you can shoot fish in a barrel doesn't make you a great fisherman and just because you can get a borderline mental handicap to admit murder doesn't mean you've solved a case.