I checked in last week after three episodes and said I was almost certain the Steven "I don't own underwear" Avery was guilty. The victims car is found in his salvage yard. Her remains are right outside his house in a burn pit. What else do they need to find, the victims car key in his freaking bedroom?!? Oh, that's right. They did.

So, how do I feel after 7 of the 10 episodes?

Oh, yeah, I'm still sure he's guilty.  Here are three observations.

1.) The Evidence is Well Beyond Reasonable Doubt.

It could be possible Steven Avery was framed by rogue cops. It could be possible one of his other family members is framing him (though, it's hard to imagine anyone in his family being smart enough to frame a picture, much less an innocent man).  It could be possible that Bigfoot did it.

That's why jurors are told they have to find somebody guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt" not "beyond any doubt whatsoever. If we were to apply the standard these pro-Avery-ites think we should, no one would ever be convicted of anything. The people who are so sure that Avery is innocent are kind of like 9/11 Truthers: Everything to them points toward a conspiracy. And anything that doesn't is PART OF THE CONSPIRACY.
"Well, they don't have any DNA evidence."

"Oops, they found Steve Avery's blood in the victim's vehicle."

"Well ... it was probably planted there."

"Ok, we just ran a test that shows that it couldn't have come from a stored blood sample. It had to have been from his body."

"Uh ... well ... then the test is faulty."

And on and on. As a (fan of) lawyer (shows) myself, I can tell you that these are the kind of arguments defenders use when they know their client is probably going to prison so they grasp at any straw trying to sow some seed of doubt in the jurors minds.

2.) The Nephew, Brendan, is Clearly Innocent

The two detectives, Fassbender and the other one, sweat this 16-year-old kid until he admits ... actually, he doesn't admit anything, he just goes along with what they feed him ... that he brutally helped his uncle rape, murder and then dispose of a young woman. THEN, HE ASKS IF HE'S GOING TO MAKE IT BACK TO SCHOOL IN TIME FOR SIXTH PERIOD!!! I don't want to call this kid dumb but he probably thinks a capital offense means shoplifting in Madison. This poor guy would have admitted to killing Tupac if those detectives had asked him to. When they were passing out "brains" he thought they said "grains" and said, "Barley will do just fine."

I feel bad that he never got to see the WrestleMania that he was looking forward to so much.

3.) I've Got a Huge Crush on One of the Reporters

Guys, if you've watched Making a Murderer you know exactly who I'm talking about ...

This guy!


Of course, I'm talking about the sexy lady reporter who's usually wearing glasses. She has this expression that says "I'm one tough cookie and I'm not buying your line of malarkey for one second, mister." She would be perfect as Lois Lane. She'd be perfect as April O'Neil. She's be perfect as Mrs. Buzz Adams!

I don't know her name, though. I mean it's not like I have a creepy fascination with her or anything. (It's Anjeannete Levy and you can follow her on Twitter here and Facebook here).