Live Nation and AEG have decided to pause tours for the safety of the concert-goers, artists, and the staff. The way things have been looking they're recommending major events through the end of March be postponed. Our health and safety come first, but we also feel our heartstrings being tugged about shows being postponed. The news has me worried simply because I'm hoping this will all pass before August arrives.

As many of you Deftones fans know, they're going to have their Summer Tour in Albuquerque on Wednesday, August 5. I am crossing my fingers, making 11:11 wishes, lighting candles, and saying my prayers the show will go on for Deftones. Covid-19 is raining on our parades since our happy places are closing and concerts are postponing. Since Rage Against The Machine postponed their part of their tour, I hope Deftones doesn't do the same. Thankfully Deftones Summer Tour is still quite a long way away and hoping this will all be over with by then. Place your vote if you already bought tickets to see Deftones in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the poll below.