A popular BBQ joint in town is now offering its delicious meats to fans across the contingent US. Just in time for the holidays.

There are plenty of things the Sun City is known for. We have beautiful sunsets, plentiful hiking, friendly people, and some seriously delicious food. That last part is what we are focusing on today. Some of the hands-down best Mexican food in the country comes from El Paso that people across the country rave about. On top of that, we also have some great locally-owned BBQ joints tourists will be telling their friends about long after they've visited El Paso.

If you have a friend who has visited El Paso and misses the food, there's some great news coming from the State Line. The State Line restaurant, also known as the County Line restaurant in other locations, is one of the most well-known BBQ restaurants in town. There are plenty of wonderful things to love about this restaurant (my personal favorite is the bread) but now you can send some of their scrumptious meats to friends and family across the contingent U.S.

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The State Line and County Line have actually been offering this service since 1990 but since the pandemic hit, the service has been more popular than ever, and with the holidays coming up, could be a great gift for the meat lover you know. There are various options available to ship and you can check out the Air Ribs website to see more.

If you're looking for more great El Paso barbecue spots, see some of the Top Rated BBQ joints in El Paso on our website.

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