There have been loads of "supergroups' lately, this may be the heaviest one yet!  The coolest thing bout this metal member mashup is they aren't doing it for the money or any kind of "artistic freedom".

Ok, well, they are doing it for the money ... they're just not keeping the money!

Rob Flynn of Machinehead has gathered a bunch of his friends from bands like Machine Head, Metallica, Slayer, Testament, Exodus, Suicide Silence, Death Angel, Forbidden, Spiralarmsand Rubble for a benefit concert.  The concert was arranged to help a mutual friend of of these bands and a long time supporter of the Bay Area metal and punk scenes. According to Forbidden and Spiralarm guitarist Craig Locicero,

"A good friend of ours and all around great person, Nikki Davis, was in a motorcycle accident with her husband Jeff. Sadly, Jeff died at the scene. Fortunately, Nikki survived but she was unconscious for a few days. She awoke to the daunting reality that her husband, soulmate and best friend had passed away. It was heartbreaking to all of us in the Bay Area scene. Robb Flynn and I have known Nikki for at least 25 years and she is a huge supporter of the Bay Area's metal and punk scene. We hope to raise enough money to help Nikki continue to get back on her feet because the healing is not finished. She still has medical bills to pay and we want to do anything we can to help our old friend."

All these musicians are planning a benefit concert in Oakland to raise money for Nikki.  If you want to put together a road trip to see this once in a lifetime show, you have one week. Everything goes down next Friday, January 17th. If you can't go but would like to help Nikki, you can donate to a special paypal account set up on her behalf at

Metal musicians arrange benefit concert
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