An all-out brawl broke out at a South Florida Five Guys restaurant. It all started when an employee tossed cups at a customer. It then escalates to a giant melee in the middle of the popular burger joint.

A witness talked to NBC 6 in Miami about the fight and said the customer was,'being loud and drunk” but things didn't get bad until the employee tossed a couple of cups in her direction.

I honestly thought at one point that maybe "Five Guys" might be needed to break up this sad altercation. Who gets mad and loud inside of a burger joint? Honestly, if you take me to Whataburger after 2 a.m., I will love you forever.

In a statement from Five Guys the chain restaurant calls the fight "simply unacceptable." No arrest were made because not one person decided to call the cops. Authorities say, dozens of people were inside the establishment when the fight occurred.