Here are the my Top Three videos on the KLAQ YouTube Channel.

#1 Fernie Gets A Lap Dance From Honey And Amber

Honey and Amber gave me a test to check if I'm actually gay. They both got a shot to give me a dance. Then, at the end of the dance the girls checked if I have a boner.

#2 Fernie In The Field at the 2014 Twin Peaks Bikini Contest

I was picked to be a judge at the very first Twin Peaks Bikini contest here in El Paso. These lovely girls were asked random questions. Check out the hilarious results.

#3 Special Live edition of "Fernie in the Field" Spit or Swallow

Balloonfest 2015 is just around the corner. Last year, I got the chance to play spit or swallow with people who attend. See if you can guess if they spit or swallow.