The lovely and studly Felipe Esparza is bringing his Bad Decisions Tour to El Paso soon! In fact, his tickets will be going on sale through Ticketmaster on one of Felipe's favorite days.

You can get your tickets beginning at 10 am Friday, the day that people love puffing the magic dragon. There will be a fan pre-sale Tuesday 4/17 thru Thursday 4/19 from 10 am until 10 pm. Felipe also hooked you up with the code word on his Twitter which is FOOL. Felipe Esparza announced his Bad Decisions Tour last week on his social media. Should you choose to tag along you can join his shenanigans on June 22. He will be performing at a bigger venue this time around which will be at the Abraham Chavez Theatre. He's also performed at the Laugh Factory where the skit above took place.

Felipe Esparza is your man if you enjoy those laughs that make your face cheeks hurt!

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