A declassified FBI reports that there was an assassination threat against Queen Elizabeth II when she made a visit to the United States in 1983.

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The short version is that someone called in to make the threat. The FBI noted it, took appropriate caution and nothing ended up happening. The Queen was fine and lived almost another four decades.

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Here are a few more details: the threatening caller claimed a rubber bullet in Northern Ireland killed HIS daughter.  Ireland was a hotspot of anti-royal sentiment at the time. In fact, the Queen’s second cousin, Lord Mountbatten, had been killed in an IRA bombing in 1979.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

The caller, who remains unidentified to this day,  had claimed he was going to “drop something heavy off the Golden Gate Bridge” as the Queen’s royal yacht passed underneath…OR, they were going to make their move while Her Majesty was visiting Yosemite National Park with her husband, Prince Philip.

If you’re caught up on The Crown on Netflix then you probably know the Queen wasn’t crushed by an anvil or a baby grand piano being dropped on her yacht and she wasn’t taken out by being pushed into a geyser.

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Fortunately, the Queen survived her visit without incident.  However, all this talk about an assassination attempt on Queen Elizabeth’s life has sparked some dim recollections from the 80s.

I could have sworn it was baseball star Reggie Jackson who had been hypnotized into making an attempt on the Queen’s life at an Angels baseball game.

Thank God, Enrico Pallazo was there to foil the plot.

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