80's Creatures I Love

If your favorite and unusual creatures from the '80s battled it out, who would you want to win? If the battle were between Gizmo, ET, and Alf, it would be hard to choose a favorite! You remember these alien creatures from our favorite movies Gremlins, E.T., and television show Alf. Most humans usually fear unknown creatures, but instead, Gizmo, E.T., and Alf cast a love spell over us despite their funny looks. I am having a hard time trying to decide which I would pick since I love them all. Even my family and I introduced my son to these 80's creatures I grew up loving. But I do have a fond memory of Alf since I grew up watching his show with my family. His witty remarks and always trying to eat the family cat when he has a chance. We remember Gizmo for his cute baby babble, E.T. when he got drunk from one beer, and Alf for his witty remarks. Pick who your favorite 80’s creature is the poll down below.

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