Figured out what to ge the old man yet??  I'm here to help!!

Ok, for Mothers Day I recomended giving Mom a "memory".  Taking her to her favorite place, spending time with her etc.  That works for Dads also, but ... we all know it ... Dads are different. 

Case in point, the day with the most long distance calls made was (in the dark ages ... before cell phones) on Mothers Day every year.  The day with the most COLLECT long distance calls during that time was ..... yep, Fathers Day.  See?  Everyone treats Dad different!

Anyway, Pops puts up with a lot from us so this year get him something cool!  (My Dad, sadly, has passed away so this year it will be the usual 'beer at the grave thing'.)

Forget the ties and the seat covers.  Dads want cool stuff .... power tools, bikes, cars.  (Better yet, WASH his bikes, tools or cars for him!!)

If he happens to be a member of Kiss, maybe a nice gift pack from Mary Kay?  Pretty much anything beats another freakin' card!! 

Need more ideas??  Try these links for some help!

As for me, I'm going to make it easy on my daughters this year.  (You guys also if any of you want to get in an early birthday gift!)

I'm going to "register" at Barnett Harley Davidson, Hero Music and Academy Sports!!  (Check for my info back in the ammo section.) 

All local see?  No shipping ... I'm cool like that!

Start shopping now, while you still have a few days!!