Fathers Day is coming up and COVID 19 outbreak or not, it looks like society is getting ready for it.

Mothers Day is pretty much the most sacred holiday of the year and, rightly so. Yes, Cinco De Mayo, St. Patricks Day and the other "binge" holidays are really important too but, Mother's Day still rules. Ok? Now, Father's Day is an important day too you know. (I'm pretty sure it's in the top 10 anyway.) I'm a Dad myself so, I know. We've always kinda gotten the short end of the stick on our day.

This year though, the universe seems to be showing Dads' some love. Think about it, with the day fast approaching, the bars are reopening and the El Paso Rhinos have announced that there will be a 2020 season. Those are two very "Dad-ish" activities right there ... drinking and watching athletes, (basically), fight. The pandemic made us all kind of sit out Mothers Day but, for Father's Day; the party's back. Look:

  • Bars are open again.
  • Hockey is (coming) back.
  • Restaurants once again offer dine-in service. (So, don't stick Dad behind the grill again this year. Ok?)
  • Barnett Harley Davidson is open.

See, COVID 19 respects the Pater Familias so, you should too. (This may be due in part to the fact that Dad's were among the earliest "social distancers" since they don't usually want anybody around bothering them anyway.) Cut Dad some slack this year by bringing him a gift and some cold beer along with his favorite food. Bring it or take him out to get it ... your call. Unless he wants to go riding. If that's the case, let him go.

Just be sure all his beer is still there when he gets back.

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