A strip club on the Far East side of El Paso has been shut down after it was discovered to have been operating without a license for nine months.

Color me shocked. I didn’t know there were ANY strip clubs in business for the last nine months!

I know what you’re thinking and, no, it isn’t the one owned by my friend. Or the other one owned by my other friend.

Believe it or not, it’s one I’d never even heard of.

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According to the El Paso County Attorney’s office, the Outskirts Gentlemen’s Club located at 1491 Darrington Road was denied a permit because they were too close to a residential neighborhood. So, they just went about their business WITHOUT the proper permit and licenses.

Here’s what else the county attorney’s office alleges about Outskirts (also known as “Outskirts Alpha Club”):

  • Storing alcohol without a license
  • Selling alcohol without a license
  • Promotion of prostitution
  • Rampant sale of drugs on the premises

According to County Attorney Jo Anne Bernal’s office, The Outskirts had been a hub of “habitual illegal activity”. Also, the owner of the bar, Mario Jose Escajeda was arrested after an “operation” conducted at the business. In the world of t***y bars this kind of “operation” usually involves a couple of plainclothes officers going in and checking the place out. I have no idea what a cop has to do to get THAT assignment, though.

The Outskirts Gentlemen’s Club will remain shut down until an injunction hearing that is scheduled for June 24, 2021.

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