There's a happy ending for one family who lost their beloved dog years ago while living in El Paso. Yesenia Madrigal and Richard Figueroa told KETV news in Nebraska that they accidentally left their gate open and that's how their family dog Max was able to get out of their yard and escape. The couple spent months searching for the miniature schnauzer but to no avail, and they began giving up hope that they would ever see their family pooch again.

The couple moved their family to Omaha, Nebraska six months ago but thankfully Yesenia updated the family information with the American Kennel Association, in case Max was ever found and his microchip was scanned. The family was shocked when a few weeks ago they received a call that their dog had been found less than five minutes from their old home.

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KVIA News met with the man who found Max, Ismael, to talk about where he found Max and Madrigal about her family's shock and excitement at finding Max after all these years. The family was filled with joy that Max had finally been found but now they had another problem- how were they going to be able to go get Max who was now several states away from his family? A GoFundMe page was set up to raise money for the effort, but a good samaritan came forward to pay for the trip to send Richard Figueroa back to the Sun City to pick up Max.

Then, when Figueroa and Max got back to Nebraska KETV was there to greet the pair as Max was off to see his family for the first time in years. The family's journey is a great example of why pet owners should always microchip their pets and make sure their information is always up to date.

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