Fall Out Boys bassist got a little help from a bass legend on Conan!

If you consider yourself a true rocker, then you've seen Spinal Tap.  (If you haven't, get it asap!!!!  You're not getting half the jokes touring musicians make!!)

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Fall Out Boy recently played Conan OBriens show and they had a little fun with the Spinal Tap legend while they were at it!  Stonehenge made a "little" appearance (watch the movie or you'll never get that joke.) and the bass players pod, of course, failed! (Again, watch the movie.) There were even dwarfs! (Then again, they could have been jawas, I'm not really sure...)

Fortunately, Tap bassist Derek Smalls himself just happened to be there and knew exactly what to do!  Did he rescue FOBs bassist?  Hell no, in true "lukewarm water" fashion (Again ... Movie ... Watch!) he seized the opportunity to become the 5th Fall Out Boy for awhile!

Check it out!

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