For those who swear by Facebook, please, do a little research!

These days, news and information are everywhere. Unfortunately, since we live on Facebook these days, anything they post is all too often taken as fact.

It's not. Peeps see a story there though and automatically believe it, kicking off some epic thread battles. (Sometimes, and this one really irritates me, after only reading the headline!!) Not that reading matters, a lot of the crap you read on Facebook isn't true anyway. If you don't believe that, a study just proved it.

According to, a recent audit found 5 Facebook news stories that "were indisputably fake and three that were profoundly inaccurate." They also found a number of "news stories" that actually linked to online shopping sites and others that were from comedy websites and bloggers.

Folks, before you go off on each other online, please CHECK ALL THE FACTS!! Especially when it comes to political stuff in an election year.