Facebook users in Texas are being warned against a new scam that is on the rise that tricks you into downloading malware.

Facebook scam on the rise in Texas
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You might think that you're too smart to be fooled by a Facebook scam. Some of them are easy to spot; unfortunately this new one on the rise plays into your emotions!

To begin with, it starts off with a post that says something along the lines of "I can't believe you're gone. R.I.P" followed by a link that looks legit.

New Facebook scam on the rise in Texas
Joe Cunningham via Facebook

According to the Daily Mail, if you click on the link it will lead you to another Facebook post showing what appears to be a BBC news article about a fatal road accident.

What follows is a series of links and redirects that cybersecurity experts say are designed to perform "fingerprinting"; where sites gather information about your browser, location and other sites you've visited so they can redirect you to a site most likely to generate profit from you. In the end, you'll be brought to a site filled with popups; those lead to fraudulent sites, malware downloads and unwanted programs.

It's a real pain in the butt; and if you think you know better, then you should share this warning to those you know are more vulnerable to Facebook scams; like your older relatives.

How to Avoid Facebook Scams

  • First and foremost, if you see a post containing alarming news, reach out to the person making the post rather than following the link. Sometimes the person might not know they've been hacked!
  • Carefully inspect the URL, if it doesn't seem right don't click on it.
  • If you can, further research the post yourself before clicking on any links!
  • Regularly update your privacy settings to control who can see your information.

If you have already clicked on a suspicious link, the first thing you should do is close out the website! Followed by running a virus scan and updating your privacy and security settings.

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