As a life long El Pasoan, I feel like there's always something new to learn about our city! El Paso is full of a rich history and luckily for me, and for many of us out there, there are some very handy Facebook pages where you can take a deeper look at the history of El Paso.

Raul Miranada via Unsplash
Raul Miranada via Unsplash

If you are also very interested in learning more about El Paso's history, then you need to definitely be following these El Paso history pages.

El Paso History Facebook Pages

El Paso County Historical Society 

The El Paso County Historical Society is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote and preserve El Paso history. With each post and photo, the El Paso County History Society not only shares some tidbits of that particular time in El Paso, but also dives into how it has shaped El Paso today.

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Most recently, one of their posts gained popularity with many El Pasoans sharing their memories of when the Popular was still around.

El Paso History Alliance 

The El Paso History Alliance Facebook page is composed of a group of historians who promote the history and culture of El Paso. For the most part, the El Paso History Alliance and the El Paso County Historical Society share each other's posts- but you learn something new each time!

Did you know that there used to be a drive-in on Chelsea St. in the late '40's?

With each post, you get transported back into a different time in El Paso- so that you can see how much El Paso has progressed as well as see how much El Paso proudly preserves its history.

Remember in El Paso When...

This Facebook group is actually private, but if you're lucky enough to get in (if you're an El Pasoan chances are you'll get in!) you'll get see some great posts and stories of lifelong El Pasoans, as well as former El Pasoans who share their favorite memories.

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