Looking to check out a rock show this Friday night? Eyes Set To Kill will be at the Perch at Tricky Falls! This Friday night, the Arizona post-hardcore rockers Eyes Set To Kill will be in the Sun City performing and you should be there. It will be a big night for the band too, since their self-titled debut album is released on the same day. The band is out supporting the new material, like the single "Break." Eyes Set To Kill have gone through some line-up changes recently, with bassist Tiaday Ball (The World Over) joining the band and the group's long-time touring guitarist A.J. Bartholomew officially joining the band. 2018 also marks the ten-year anniversary of Eyes Set To Kill's debut album, Reach, and to commemorate this they are having a limited edition vinyl pressing of the record that you can get!

Eyes Set To Kill will be coming to The Perch at Tricky Falls this Friday, February 16th. Tricky Falls is located at 209 South El Paso Street. This show is all ages and Eyes Set To Kill will have Open Your Eyes with them on this tour. Tickets are $10 in advance, $13 the day of with a $2 minor fee. Tickets are available through TicketFly.

Check out the Facebook Event Page for more information on this show! See you at the show.

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