There is a place you can escape city lights and sounds that isn't far from El Paso. If you feel you could use some peace and quiet time alone or with your significant other, there's a perfect spot.

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If you enjoy camping out in nature, but don't feel up to traveling far then get ready to plan a road trip. The best thing about this type of trip is you won't need to hassle with bringing equipment for a tent.

In fact, all you need to take really is yourself and your change of clothes. My aunt Rebecca V. and uncle Gabriel G. decided to enjoy a quiet peaceful getaway that was outside of El Paso city limits.

Now if I must say I certainly love the views they had from their little bubble. My aunt shared some pictures on her Facebook after their trip to Basecamp Terlingua.

The view of the Chisos Mountains looks magnificent during sunrise and sunset. As you will see from the pictures my aunt shared there is a graveyard close by.

We all know someone who would find something like that interesting and probably try to ghost hunt if they could. So if you would like a general idea of your surroundings and what to expect, just refer to Rebecca's photos.

This Basecamp Terlingua will definitely give you the refreshment you may need in your life. But if you choose to visit, make sure you have an all-terrain vehicle according to my aunt.

She told me how the dirt roads worried her a bit when they drove out there in her car. You may recall hearing about this place on The Texas Bucket List in 2019.

If you don't remember, just refresh your memory by checking out The Texas Bucket List's YouTube video below.

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