Shinedown are coming back to El Paso and they're bringing new music for us!

Saturday night, Shinedown will play at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center and they've got new music to play.  Regarding that, they told a cool story on Loudwire Nights recently about choosing the direction for "Attention, Attention". (The new album due out May 4th.)

According to them, over the course of the last tour, they wandered through the venues, asking their fans what THEY wanted out of the next record.  The answer that kept coming back was, "make it heavier".  They replied by asking, "do you mean heavier "sonically, lyrically or, thematically?"  The answer was "yes".  So, that's what they went for ... a heavier tone all the way around.  (Hence the line "It's About To Get Heavy" from the song "Devil".)

Check out the "Devil" video above and come hear more new stuff, live, Saturday night at "The Rock". Gates open at 5, Savage After Midnight open and .. yep ... admission's  FREE!

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