Adam Richman aka Man vs. Food partied in the Borderland and apparently I wasn't aware of it.

I would watch Adam Richman religiously on Man vs. Food.

I have always wished to meet him. Earlier this morning I stumbled across the video you can see above.

You may even recognize a friend or two in it, just like I did.

Copa90Stories YouTube channel had premiered 'Two Matches. Two Countries. One Giant Feast' featuring the 915 and Ciudad Juarez. Adam Richman knocked out two games in two different countries in just one day. He watched the first half of the El Paso Locomotive FC first, then crossed over to Juarez for the last half of the Bravos de Juarez game.

Adam Richman's visit wasn't just about football when he was in town. He also made it a point to grab a bite to eat at a few local joints here in the 915 and across the border in Juarez. I must advise watching this segment will definitely get you in the mood for some Mexican food and sports.

I know what I am planning to do after COVID-19 splits and things get back to normal. Hint, it's going to be that little taco stand right outside of Whiskey Blonde. Some tacos and El Paso Locomotive FC would help me feel better about missing out on meeting Adam Richman.

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