Look, everyone has an app nowadays. But really, how often do people use them? We wanted to make sure that if we rolled out an app, it would make your life better and it would make it easy for you to stay up-to-date on everything we do at The Q.

So, just to make things easy for you, we've laid out some of the best features of the new app that you can enjoy.

1. It's free, and you can download it right now.

Everything you want and expect from KLAQ.com for absolutely free in one place. You can download it now in your iOS App Store, iTunes or Google Play for your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Go nuts!

2. It streams everything you hear on the air.

Just like using the Listen Live button on our website or using the KLAQ link on radioPup, you can hear everything we broadcast crystal-clear so long as you have an internet connection. It doesn’t matter where on Planet Earth you are. We will follow you anywhere, like a faithful dog made out of rock and roll.

3. You can send us pictures and videos.

If you see something out on the road you want us to know about, you can use our app to capture it and then email it directly to us. You don’t have to go digging for someone’s email address. There’s a Submit Photo/Video button in the menu bar. Catch it, then send it. Bam.

4. You can get notifications from us.

When the big bands make their announcement that they’re coming to El Paso, you can know as soon as we know. You can choose to get notifications about concert announcements, breaking news, traffic, even nasty weather. OR, you can turn them off and only get the notifications YOU want.

5. Our phone number is built right into the app.

Want to call in your requests or talk to whoever is on the air? No more Googling up our phone number so you can ring us. There’s literally a button in the menu that you can press and call us automatically.

6. You can read everything from KLAQ.com there -- even when you aren't on the internet.

If you see something you want to read from our website, but you don’t quite have the time, you can hit a button and save it for later, even if you’re in a concrete bunker three miles under the earth’s surface. Save that story for later, and you can read it without an internet connection.

7. It won’t eat up a ton of space on your phone.

It’s only about 32MB. If you don’t speak computer-ese, it means you won’t have to delete half of the pictures and videos of your life to install it. It's tiny and shiny.

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