It can be seen for miles but, have you ever really looked at what it's made of?

The gigantic, (20' x 40'), statue of New Mexico's state bird originally stood at the Las Cruces landfill. Created in 1993 by Olin Calk, it was made from all kinds of garbage and cast-off crap from the landfill. Calk's way of addressing "consumption, recycling, and just looking at stuff we throw away." (

In 2001, Calk rebuilt it with new, "old", crap and it was moved to its current location near a rest stop, west of Las Cruces. In 2011, it had to be "re"-rebuilt.

Olin stripped it down and brought it back to his house. It sat there for three years, waiting for the city to decide its fate. Cool heads prevailed, and the Roadrunner was returned to the rest stop in June 2014. By then the landfill had closed, so Olin re-feathered it using thrift store rejects and scrap metal salvaged from the Las Cruces recycling center. It now has eyes made from Volkswagen headlights. -

It's free to visit but, watch out for rattlesnakes. Real roadrunners eat 'em ... you should avoid them!

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