Like standing outside when it rains?  Maybe going for a short walk in it? If you're in Australia, you may want to think twice about that.

I don't know what Australia did to anger Mother Nature but, they have the worst of everything. Most of the terrain is harsh and cruel, there are huge crocodiles and monster sharks in the water, pretty much everything is poisonous and some of their snakes can kill you just by thinking about it. Now, just for giggles, let's make it rain spiders.

Yeah, this is a thing.  It's called "ballooning" and it involves the spider hanging on to a thin web strand that acts like a parachute.  This allows the wind to blow the little bastards over to a new area or to surprise prey by falling out of the sky on top of them. Or, it can drop thousands of them all over town.

Australia is now officially off my bucket list.

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